The Kaoline Instrument

The Kaoline is a fretless polyphonic electronic music instrument and midi controller. It has similarities with fretless bass or cello, but it differs in many aspects. Integrating our multi-finger tracking technology, it leverages the MIDI MPE standard to enable electronic performances of unique natures. A new version of the instrument is currently under development. (Summer 2024)

More info on the Kaoline instrument here.

KaoSynth MPE

KaoSynth MPE is a VST and Android APP software synthesizer built on the BioC data fusion engine, enabling live Lua scripting of musical actions and effects. It also serves as a companion synthesizer for the Kaoline instrument.

Download KaoSynth MPE and get details here.

The KaoOrb Experiment

The KaoOrb is a synthesizer using a plasma ball as a sound seed. Touching the Orb in various ways affects the seed, which is then modulated using a pitch wheel.

See the @kaolineinstrument Instagram page.

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